Had an awesome time in Bologna recently…Even got to meet up with some relatives after 30 years.

Great to see so many friends I haven’t seen in a long time, while also meeting many new folks for the first time.

As for the show, I great big THANK YOU to Rodolfo and all the work he did to get me there and have a great show

Thanks Rudy! Definitely one of my favorites…

Very nice venue, well organized show, and a solid line-up in addition to a killer 12” Slogun release to mark the occasion.

And a big thanks to Chris for helping out with my set, yet again (and again)….Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t have many pictures but I’ve managed to gather a few here and there, most of which were taken by others. If I don’t have your name here let me know and I’ll add it.

Some of the highlights of the trip aside from the show:

Chris, Sasha, Lerry and I finding that awesome “Finger Food Festival” the first night there. Meat, cheese and Vodka as far as the eye can see (and as much as the stomach can take).

Dinner on Saturday with Kevin, Paul and Kristian, shooting the shit and finding out an interesting use of a Pringles can ;)

The AMAZING Sunday Nicola and Andrea (and friends) showed us, sight-seeing capped off with beer atop a hill overlooking the great city as well as an incredible dinner and drinks at their friends bar.

Chris, Sam, Arlie and I were really treated like kings that day. Nicola and Andrea: you two are the BEST.

Great to also meet up and hang with Sam (The Rita) after about 10 years or so, meeting Arlie, and just seeing the museums, churches and side-streets while doing the “tourist” thing.

And it was all capped off with drinks and drunk-food with Nicola and Andrea Monday night until the wee-hours, allowing Chris and I to pull an all-nighter before heading off to the airport to come back to reality...

I still don't have the best set of pictures from the night, but here are some random shots I pulled from the web along with a couple I took before the show started:















Onto some of the classic quotes of the weekend:

“It’s between cheese and shit”, “Fucking cattle call”, “FONZIE!!!”, “Herpus you keep coming back!”, “We better leave this country quick, I think I just drowned a baby-boy”, “Impossible!”, “I know you’re in there”, “Meatballs!”, “It finally happened!”, “I decorated the toilet”, “You want to see a mummified nun?".