Here are some pictures I took during the recent show I did in Chicago with Vertonen, Panicsville, and Bloodyminded. Like an idiot I forgot to give my camera to someone else so I could have pictures of my set. So if any of you who were there got some, contact me so I can get them on the site.


Getting ready before the show. Ed (Bloodyminded), Andy (Panicsville), Sasha and Viesturs (Slogun)


Mark, Ed, and Xavier (Timeless Magazine); Bloodyminded.


Mark Solotroff.


Ed contributing on vocals for Bloodyminded.


Xavier Laradji at the helm.


Panicsville. Simply brilliant...


The man who set everything up, Blake from Vertonen.


After the show (Note the time), about to eat the following........


The legendary "SLINGER", (Hash-Browns, Two cheeseburgers, Two Eggs, Meat Chili).

I kid you not, we ate this at 5AM....