MARCH 26, 27, AND 28, 2004

Great weekend, great shows, and some really great pictures from New York, Providence, and Boston! Click each link below for the respective shots.

Had an awesome time traveling in the SLOGUN/SICKNESS/CONTROL/TAINT-mobile up New England with little sleep: Thanks to Chris, Thomas, Keith, and Addy for that! Hilarious...

Thanks to Chris/Sickness and Lee/NTT for being part of Slogun for these shows.

Sets were nice and short: New York: "My Close Friend", "Trash"; Providence: "You Were Asking For It"; Boston: "God Never Gives Me What I Want", "Maybe-Just Maybe"

Thanks guys: Michelle, Mark, Ed, Xavier, Pieter, Lee, Mikko, Daniel, Jonathan, Mike, Peter, Shervin, Tom H., Shane C., Brian, Dominic, Dan, Karl, Shawn, Isis, Alex, Constantine, Stefan, Peter L.White, David R., Sal.


Friday, March, 26th: New York City: Thicker than Water. Click Here.

Saturday, March 27th: Providence: The Living Room. Click Here.

Sunday, March 28th: Boston: Midway Cafe. Click Here.


"Duck-Butter", "Don't be alarmed", "Nay-sayer Nay-sayer", "Swamp-Ass", "You disrespecting my bar?", "Hand packed real fudge", "Jazz-Hands", "I ain't tryin' to be makin' no new friends", "Just one nuisance away from goin' home", "Magiiiick!", "You charming Bastard!", "Who, HER!!!???", "Bacon".