Back from Japan again, and this time around I had a chance to run around and do the tourist thing. A ton of fun and a ton of time lost in a vodka black-out a few nights. Hilarious to say the least.

This time around it was Sickness and I performing two shows in Tokyo and one in Osaka along with the bands you see mentioned above on the poster. Amazing line-ups. Three really good shows.

Some of the highlights for me: Both Incapacitants sets. Simply fucking amazing! These guys make me feel like I started Slogun yesterday. The sounds, the energy, just awesome. Meeting and seeing Pain Jerk perform. Another legendary Japanese project, and I now understand why the man is considered a God by some people. As always, getting to see Guilty Connector perform. Always one of my favorites. And the Astro Black set at the last show was crazy! Really great set.

It's about that time to throw out the "Thank You's", so here we go:

First off, the biggest thank you's must go to the guys who got us there in the first place: Jason, Shin and Koji. Thank you! I really do appreciate all the effort to get us out there.

Of course, the usual thank you to Chris. Another trip, another success. Also for dealing with my last second improvising, especially the last show.

Also want to thank Yasutoshi for all his help meeting up with Chris and I, and that late night run to the post office! A huge thanks to Kelly for taking us around, getting us drunk, and talking hockey with me those nights! What a fucking refreshing change from the usual music-talk! Go Bob Gainey!!! Thank you to Keiko for taking the train with us back to Tokyo, and the two great sets.

To everyone that took us out for food and drink before and after the shows: THANK YOU! I have tons of video and pictures of us getting bombed, laughing it up, and just letting all the performance bullshit slip away. My favorite part of the trip for sure!

And thank you to all the bands that played with us: Incapacitants, Pain Jerk, Government Alpha, Guilty Connector, Facialmess, TADM, Astro Black, Killer Bug, Timisoara, Noiseuse and Montage!

And Steven Charles, great seeing you again my friend!

Now onto all the pictures:




"prayer is prayer john", "you were so drunk", "man-slapper", "secrets of the east", "spicy cheese sticks", "bob gainey", "we will get married", "which one's the pound key?", "the pod", "sexy camera", "NO JOHN, NO!", "is that a tsunami warning?", "one of those, yes one".