they're a strain on society, and I'm here to do something about it. pure filth, breathing our air, eating our food. This must stop. It has to stop now! They've abused the priviledge of life-they've wasted their chance at life, and I am here to make some space.

scum-junkies! we walk by them everyday.

do any of us give a fuck? do we care? of course not! why should we? they're of no value to anyone. all they do is waste and waste! I will not put up with it anymore. Something must be done, and I now just what to do.

hunting them down will be simple-killing them off will be a pleasure. You will all thank me in the end...I'll get rid of the filth, the dirt, and I will be thanked until the day I die.

Scum-junkies will be a thing of the past by the time I'm through.

we won't have to support them any longer. life will be left to those who don't abuse it. I'll personally watch the junk-ridden blood flow into the sewers where it belongs. I'll watch them selfishly breathe their last breaths, while asking them if it was all worth it. was the rush worth it in the end.

I will take care of it all.